Picutre of Xiaobin Chen

Hi, this is Xiaobin. I am currently working as a post-doctoral Research Associate at the Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages of the University of Cambridge, where my research is focused on the project Linguistic Typology and Learneability in Second Language led by Dr. Dora Alexopoulou.

Before coming to the UK, I did my PhD at the LEAD Graduate School & Research Network of the Universität Tübingen in Germany. I worked with a team led by Prof. Detmar Meurers whose research interests were Computational Linguistics and its application in foreign language teaching. We were interested in building Intelligent Computer Asisted Language Learning (ICALL) systems that utilized Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies and were informed by second language acquisition theories and practice.

Personally, my prvious research focused on automatic assessment of text complexity and on how to link learner proficiency with text complexity. The purpose of this research was to find an optimal method to automatically assign texts of appropriate difficulty levels based on the reader's language proficiencies. The results of this research have been documented in my PhD Thesis.

I also worked as an English lecturer for six years at the School of Foreign Languages of the South China University of Technology, where I also obtained my Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in English and Applied Linguistics. I met my wife there too. :)

I am leading a happy life with my wonderful wife Wei Chang and our two adorable children Danning and Yuanning in Cambridge, UK.